Our specialists have over 30 years experience working with, and providing expert advice to, contractors, local authorities and suppliers in the construction industry including significant experience across large infrastructure projects such as HS2, Crossrail and Thames Tideway.

project 1

K1 Knightsbridge

Client: skanska
Dates: june 2018 - december 2022

340,000 Sq ft project combining commercial, residential and retail spaces in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The project will retain the historic facades while creating modern high-end retail and office spaces.

During this project EEMC are providing noise and dust monitoring supporting the Skanska team during fit out, the second phase of the project.

K1 project

project 2

Cambridge House project

Cambridge House

Client: deconstruct
Dates: april 2019 - march 2022

The Cambridge House project in Piccadilly is converting the Former Lord Palmerston residence and old naval building into a luxury hotel and private residences. This site will retain the classic facades and staircase structures, incorporating them into the new project.

During this, EEMC are providing noise, dust and vibration monitoring for the surrounding area. We have also completed work enabling documents such as a Section 61 for this project.

project 3

The Broadway Project

Client: multiplex
Dates: february 2019 - january 2022

The Broadway project is situated in the heart of Westminster, converting the previous Metropolitan Police Headquarters into 6 buildings, creating 268 luxury apartments. The site will include a 25-metre swimming pool, premium spa and a variety of high end retail/commercial spaces.

EEMC have provided noise, dust and vibration monitoring throughout this project.

The Broadway project

project 4

Elephant and Castle project

Elephant & Castle

Client: keltbray
Dates: october 2020 - january 2021

Keltbray are the principal contractor in the demolition works within the Elephant and Castle project. It consists of regenerating the shopping centre, originally opened in 1965 and replacing this with new shops, a cinema and 1,000 new homes.

EEMC provided noise, dust and vibration monitoring over 4 locations during this project with the help of several neighbouring buildings providing access to our team.

project 5

2 Lucan Place

Client: deconstruct
Dates: february 2020 - october 2021

Converting the former Chelsea Police Station, Deconstruct are developing a 7-storey building melding residential, social and community uses into one complex.

Throughout this project EEMC have provided noise, dust and vibration on site with further vibration monitors being introduced to help maintain and protect nearby Thames Water Assets. EEMC have also helped the project through documentation including a Section 61 and NDVMP’s.

2 Lucan Place project

project 6

20 Ropemaker project

20 Ropemaker Street

Client: skanska
Dates: april 2021 - december 2022

Ropemaker Street is a 25 storey project consisting of 419,093 square feet of offices and 11,785 square feet of ground level retail space. The project has included many sustainable construction techniques including zero landfill waste and using low environmentally impacting materials.

During this project, EEMC have provided and maintained monitors for noise, dust and vibrations. Work enabling documents including NDVMP’s and Section 61’s were completed by EEMC for this project.

project 7

Nuffield and Pegasus House

Client: deconstruct
Dates: november 2021 - december 2022

Nuffield and Pegasus House project will update a classic London building maintaining it’s historic character through façade retention. The new space will include residential apartments, office, retail and restaurant space.

EEMC are providing noise, dust and vibration monitoring throughout this project. EEMC have assisted in the early stages of this project completing NDVMP’s and a Section 61 for this project.

Nuffield project

project 8

Biscuit Factory project

Biscuit Factory

Client: keltbray
Dates: december 2020 - december 2021

Keltbray are the appointed contractor at the old biscuit factory site, completing the first phase of works including enabling and demolition for the creation of 1548 homes and a secondary school.

There are a total of four monitoring points provided by EEMC, with all four having noise, dust and vibration monitors installed.

project 9

152 Northcode Road

Client: mclh
Dates: march 2021 - may 2024

The Northcote Road project will provide a mixed-use building, containing a library, community facilities and nursery alongside flats and retail units. This will be separated over two sites opposite each other.

EEMC will be providing the monitors for both phase 1 and 2 of this project split over both sites. The NDVMP for this project was also completed by EEMC for the duration of this project.

Northcode Road project

project 10

Castlewood project

Castlewood and Medius House

Client: deconstruct / skanska
Dates: june 2021 - december 2022

The Earnshaw project consisting of Castlewood and Medius house will provide space for an elven storey office building with retail and restaurant uses and 18 apartments in an adjacent separate building.

EEMC has worked with both Deconstruct and Skanska on individual phases of this project providing noise, dust and vibration monitors during works.

project 11

65 Davies Street

Client: multiplex
Dates: october 2021 - may 2023

Multiplex will be creating a new Crossrail office space within the Bond Street area.

EEMC will provide the monitors for noise, dust and vibration at two positions within the site.

 Davies Street project

project 12

New Bridge Street project

New Bridge Street

Client: mclh
Dates: june 2021 - june 2022

McLH are performing core demolition works, extensions and the refurbishment of the ground and six upper floors. The site is logistically constraining as it is surrounded by retail businesses, network rail and other busy commuting routes. 

EEMC have completed the NDVMP for this project and have noise, dust and vibration monitors on site for the duration of this project.

project 13

40 Eastbourne Terrace

Client: deconstruct
Dates: october 2021 - june 2022

40 Eastbourne Terrace is an 82,000 sq ft site close directly adjacent to Paddington Station. It will consist of new hotel and restaurant sites within a busy London area.

EEMC have completed the NDVMP and section 61 for this project. Additionally, we will be performing the environmental monitoring for noise, dust and vibration throughout the contract with Deconstruct.

Eastbourne Terrace project

project 14

Canada Water project

Canada Water

Client: wates
Dates: november 2021 - december 2024

Wates are the contractors for the largest site of 3 within the Canada Water development plan. Their site will contain 40 storey buildings for residential purposes.  

EEMC have completed a Section 61 and relevant NDVMP for this project.